You Are Amazing

You Are Amazing

You sit close by, a beautiful soul carrying so much hurt and pain, it wears you down with such heavy sadness.
Weeping openly, rawness oozing as you bravely open-up to me, your therapist.
A sensitive being who feels they are not enough, so full of self-loathing and hatred turned inwardly.
I, as your confidant feel the sadness and melancholy that is screaming out from you in silent pain.
Please believe me when I say you are more than enough, as you my dear, are amazing.

You need not compare yourself to others, we are all unique, that is what makes us special.
Be yourself, show those vulnerabilities so others can learn how to be their true selves.
Do not spend your life wishing you could change as you are so beautiful now in so many people's eyes.
Any blemish or flaw need not be hidden, allow each one to be the part of your life's tapestry.
Be comfortable in your own skin and appreciate how far you have come on this journey that at times can seem so very hard.

Perfection may not exist but our uniqueness does, a lesson we strife endlessly to learn.
Your tears flow for the years you have craved for peace in your heart and a love from within.
Your head held low as you cry out for others approval and acceptance.
“Please I gently say start within, look at what I see if front of me, courage, beauty, strength, uniqueness, yes you my brave one.
I see so much more to you than what you see when you gaze at your reflection with contempt.

Just for today, let us start with the journey of acceptance where I will walk alongside you to help carry your pain.
I will encourage you to seek the recognition of the wonderful person you truly are.
I will guide you to move on with resilience and compassion to yourself and those around you to find the true happiness you deserve.
When you are ready, I will then say goodbye and thank you for allowing me to be part of your journey.
Go and be an inspiration to others who are still finding their way but until than I am here alongside you every step of the way.

Clare-Marie Keel, February 2024

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